Indian Virus Network (IVN)

IVN is a network of Virus experts across the country dedicated to understanding, preventing and controlling Virus threats to mankind. It is a network of mutual collaboration, co-operation and unlimited sharing of knowledge among people with common interest in virology.

IVN will function as an independent organization and will serve as an advisory body to the government. IVN salutes every person involved in the virus-related activities in the country, be it in the diagnosis / research / administration / promotional and looks forward for joining hands at various levels with the same passion.

IVN will function as a member network of Global Virus Network (GVN). The network’s Three Action Platforms as the GVN's but tailored to nation include Promoting diagnostic virology laboratories in India, research and training for virologists, public education and advocacy.


The network shall work with the virology experts across the country in establishing a common platform where knowledge, research and diagnostics of existing and new emerging viral diseases will be shared.


  1. To connect all virologists including veterinary and zoonotic (research and diagnostics) across the country.
  2. To provide advocacy and guidance for emerging outbreaks as early warning systems to government.
  3. To encourage members with existing viral labs to achieve accreditation as National Accreditation Board for Laboratories and testing services (NABL).
  4. To reach out to the supporting viral diagnostic industry and reference laboratories and promote development and availability of viral diagnostic facilities at affordable prices.
  5. To promote faculty exchange programs, to train the young medical virologists as a critical need in the country.
  6. To facilitate for multi-center research partnerships among member institutions.
  7. To support Public health investigations and control of public health challenges.
  8. To facilitate a real time data sharing and repository among the members.
  9. To share the research and education activities among members.
  10. To advocate forming a national approval for the new kits/reagents to be introduced used for lab testing.